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Workout 3, The Open 2012

The third workout for the open is the first of the three to include multiple exercises, so make sure that  you do not blow through your first rounds too quickly as this is also a longer WOD, with an 18 minute time cap.

For the gents out there the workout is:

15 Box jumps  using a 24 inch box
12 Push press 115 which is 53 kgs
9 Toes-to-bar


For the box jump the hips and knees must be fully extended at the top of the jump (on the box), so do not waste time by having to re-rep, get these right! It’s also a good idea to spring back up off the floor to use the extension at the top as a breather.

The overhead press can be used instead of a push press, although using a push press or push jerk will save your shoulders! If you feel more confident with a split jerk at the top then this can also be used.

The toes to bar can be made a lot easier by kipping the reps. If your going for efficeincy then kipping is perfect. Maybe not if your trying to carve some movie star abs! But this is crossfit and efficeincy is everything! Using the knees to elbow technique and then “kicking” the bar will be a lot easier on your mid section then trying to pike.

Good luck all,I  am probably going to be tackling this one tomorrow so I will update with my result.



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